Vintage "YOU CHOOSE" Style Deal Sweater

$ 15.00

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Select from the drop down box which item you would like by the corresponding numbers.

Many are different prints, styles & necklines. Be sure to use the "ZOOM" button to get a better look.



Order the size you normally wear in clothes. If you order larger, it may be too big.

Vintage label size is inaccurate, vintage sizing isn't comparable to modern sizing due to sizing standards changing over the different Eras. Most vintage sizing runs small, so we resize everything to modern sizing and you will receive the size you order. Some of these are originally vintage men's sweaters resized.

*If you are a boy, you may want to purchase a size larger if you want it over-sized. If you want it more fitted then order the size you normally wear in shirts.*


We strive to send the best condition possible. Because these items are 20+ years old, some minor damage may be on your item. We’ve created a guide to help you know the condition of each item.

• Mint: Garment is flawless. Garment may have been worn but, there is no evidence it has been worn.
• Excellent: Garment has no obvious faults in appearance but has been washed and worn.
• Good: Garment has minor blemishes and/or minor tears which could be somewhat noticeable to you. But, not necessarily noticeable when worn. (pin size hole, faint marks, slight discoloring under armpit)
• Fair: Garment has more obvious blemishes and/or tears. (dark small blemishes, quarter size holes/tears)
• Poor: Garment has obvious permanent blemishes and/or tears. Great for projects or if you can pull off that distressed vibe. (heavily damaged with blemishes and/or holes)

1. Excellent
2. Excellent
3. Excellent
4. Good
5. Good
6. Excellent
7. Excellent
8. Fair
9. Excellent
10. Fair (Piling)
11. Excellent
12. Excellent
13. Excellent
14. Good
15. Good
16. Excellent
17. Good
18. Good
19. Excellent
20. Excellent
21. Excellent
22. Excellent
23. Excellent
24. Excellent
25. Excellent
26. Good
27. Good
28. Good
29. Excellent
30. Good
31. Good
32. Fair
33. Good
34. Good
35. Fair (Piling)
36. Good
37. Excellent
38. Excellent
39. Excellent
40. Excellent
41. Excellent
42. Excellent
43. Good
44. Excellent
45. Excellent
46. Excellent
47. Fair
48. Good
49. Excellent
50. Good
51. Good
52. Good
53. Excellent
54. Good
55. Good
56. Excellent
57. Excellent
58. Fair (tear on bottom)
59. Good
60. Excellent
61. Excellent
62. Good
63. Excellent
64. Excellent
65. Excellent
66. Excellent
67. Excellent
68. Good
69. Excellent
70. Excellent

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