Vintage (MEDIUM) Gray Levis High Waisted Denim Shorts

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Best Fits: Medium
Era: Estimated 80s

Material: Cotton

Measurements: 33" Waist  42"-Hips  10" Rise  21" Thigh

Best Fits: Medium

Condition: Great

Brand: Levi Strauss

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1. Measure the rise first! With jeans on, standing up straight, find the "crotch seam" in your jeans.
2. Take your tape measure and place the 0" on that exact point and pull the rest of the measuring tape up towards your belly button until you get to the rise of this pair listed. That is how high these will sit on your waist.
3. From the spot where the rise ends, you will measure your waist around that exact point.
4. To measure your hips, measure around the largest part of your bottom. This is usually close to your crotch.

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